Consultation 101

This week I’d like to walk you through what you can expect from a consultation with me. People often say they don’t know what to expect during this part of their service. So I would like to share with you my process.

First I like to welcome you into the salon with a greeting of “Hey Girl, how are you?”, or something similar then I escort you to my chair and invite you to have a seat and I will cape you up!

Immediately would like to know your desired goal for this service. So I typically spin you around away from the mirror and I sit down in my dryer chair so that we can have a quick little chat about what you want, what you like, your usual hair routine (shower through every day style and products used), and your hair history. During this little chat I highly encourage inspiration photos.

Photos are tool that I used to help bridge the language gap between me and a stylist and my clients! We don’t always speak the same “language” and photos are a great help in showing what you like and don’t like. This points me in the right direction!

Next a spin you around and brush through your hair and inspect your current situation. I am checking density, texture, previous color (if any), grays, and previous haircut. I usually have a good idea of what I want to do during your service at this point. I repeat back to you what I hear you saying to ensure that I am hearing you correctly. Then I take a moment and explain to you my thoughts. And ask if you have any questions before we get started. If we are on the same page then, I take your before photo, and “I’m gonna mix you up and we’ll get started…'”

XO-Lyndsie @hairbylyndsie


Welcome Back! 2018 is here!

Whew! Y’all! 2018 is here! The break for the holidays has been nice but I’m so glad to be back on my grind! I was planning to wait to start back up in February (I’ve been planning so much new content for social media 🤫), but y’all, I can’t wait!

So for my welcome to 2018 I wanted to talk about my #hairgoals as a stylist! I know, I know, everyone talks about their own personal hair goals for what they want to do for their own hair, but I’m just so excited for my #workgoals that I want to talk about those instead.

My first #hairgoal is a split color! I think this is one of the coolest things going right now!

My second #hairgoal of 2018 is more fashion colors! This is my specialty and I am dying (🤣 get it?!) to bring this trend more into the mainstream of West Tennessee style! Especially in northern West Tennessee where I’m from!

I want to make 2018 the year of the braids! I want to experiment and try new different styles and looks using braids this year!

My last 2018 #hairgoal is more festival style hair! I look the aesthetic of festival hair! It is so fun and so creative! Seriously I can’t get enough of it!

Along with my goals for the year I also intend on trying my hand out at some videos! So maybe before December you’ll get to see me in front of the camera!

You can check out my social media @hairbylyndsie (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) to see my work and also get in contact me if your #hairgoals are the same as mine!

Don’t be “that” girl, nobody likes “that” girl

“Do you have a friend discount?” “Can I get this for free since I’ll be like your guinea pig?”

“That” girl, who’s asking for discounts from her stylist, is a jerk and nobody likes her!

Your stylist went to school, passed boards, continues their education, in many instances pays rent to have a place to work, and provides their own supplies. All of these things cost money. For most people, they don’t have to pay money to go to work. You show up, punch in, work, punch out, go home. And at the end of the pay period you take home a check.

Imagine going to work, working all day while standing on your feet, you’re so busy you barely have time for a pee break, and you can forget about lunch. Now imagine your employer not paying you for HOURS because your friend came into your place of business. That’s not fair! You worked hard! You busted your ass doing the best possible job you could do. And you don’t get your full compensation just because you know someone who came into the business. That sucks! But that is exactly what “that” girl is asking for when she asks for a discounted or free service. “That” girl is asking her stylist to work while being uncompensated!

Your stylist can’t call up the electric company and ask them to take $X off her bill because she’s been giving discounted or free services away all month. The electric company doesn’t care. Your bill is what it is no matter who you know! Likewise your stylist can’t walk into Walmart and get a discount on their groceries and diapers because they know a cashier! It doesn’t work that way! And what do you think would happen if the price of your stylist’s groceries and diapers came out of the paycheck of their cashier friend? That’s not fair! Why should the cashier pay for the stylist’s things? “That” girl is asking for exactly that! By asking for a discount she is asking for her stylist to pay for her service out of their own pockets.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “We’re besties”, “We’ve known each other for years”. “We’re close, we go way back”. And that may be true. But in many cases if that were true you’re probably already getting a discount and to ask for more is just plain rude! Stylists base their prices off what they need to work and provide for their family and doing hair is work! And no one wants to work for free! So don’t be “that” girl, nobody likes “that” girl.

XO- Lyndsie

Answering the call…

Hair is my calling! I was called from a very young age to this industry. I’m third generation in this industry and that is something I am very proud of! I may have gone all the way around the world to get here but I think that was for a purpose! I went to college instead of beauty school because my mom wanted “better” for me! And let’s be real here, college was NOT for me! While in college I was diagnosed with anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and stomach ulcers. I needed pills to get up in the morning, I needed pills to be able to function, I need pills to eat, I needed pills to sit through a lecture without having a complete meltdown, and I needed pills to sleep at night. It took me 7 and a half years of this nonsense to finally get brave enough to tell my mom I meant it when I said I wanted to go to beauty school. When God calls you, he also equips you. And in my case I needed the bravery to stand up for myself. One day I drove to school and sat in the stadium parking lot looking at the admissions building and withdrew from school in my last semester and then enrolled myself in the first available class in beauty school. And then I pulled together every ounce of bravery I had and called my mom and told her she was going to be mad, but she would get over it! And that I would be in beauty school in January.  She was mad at first, and she DID get over it. She also told me many times that she regretted holding my back from my dream and that she was incredibly proud. 

By the time I started beauty school I didn’t need any of those pills that helped me function for so long! And yes I still have those battles but the added stress of denying my calling is gone. 

Now, even thought it always secretly was, hair is my life! I eat, breathe, sleep hair! Honestly you can tell a lot about a person by the camera roll on their phone. Mine is literally nothing but my kids and hair! In my life hair is EV.RY.THING!!!!! (Behind my family obviously!) Outside being the thing that makes me ultimately happy, God called me to use it as my own ministry. 

Hair is my ministry.  A ministry needs a purpose. My purpose is to spread God’s word one hair color at a time; to make women, especially moms, feel like the best version of themselves; to match their outsides to their beautiful insides; and to empower women. 

I’m speaking from personal experience when I say moms rarely put themselves first! Some of us don’t even make our own lists of importance. We put our family first and never get around to the self care that is so vital! Most mamas I know feel frazzled most days and on occasion look it! And I feel like the way that I serve the Lord is to make every woman who sits in my chair feel like she is important. I want her to love the way she looks so much that you can’t wipe the smile off her face! I want her to feel like she doesn’t have a care in the world when she sits down. 

So yes, I offer hair cuts, colors, conditioning treatments, and various other things. But I also offer relaxation, therapy, and friendship. I get very personal with my clients. I consider them dear friends. It is not unusual for me to go to lunch with my clients, or to visit outside of hair appointments, heck some of them come to my kid’s birthday parties. We are all actually friends! We text, we Facebook, the whole nine yards. 

I use my inability to shut up to help my clients get further down their path and either find their purpose or encourage them on their journey with love! So yes, when you sit in my chair I am answering my call with my ministry by doing the thing that God gave me my talents in, but for you to get whatever you need to recharge and go out in the world and take charge! 


Holiday 2017 Trends

The holidays are already underway this season! I can’t believe just how fast this year has flown by. One of my favorite things about this season is party/event hair. It’s fancy, it’s flashy, it’s fun! I mean who doesn’t like a good excuse to dressy up and look good AF? 

Everyone seems to change their hair color when the seasons change and holiday season is so exception. I’ve been noticing that this season people are asking for a darker blondes, #pagenta (plum/magenta), and rainbow! 

Another trend for the holidays this year are upstyles and braids. I’m most excited about this! I’m hoping that a lot more come in closer to Christmas and NYE! 

The last trend that I cannot wait for this season is glitter!!!! I’m talkin’ glitter roots, I’m talkin glitter err’thang! Who says that lights have to be the only things twinkling? I say give the light shows a run for their money! Bling it up! 

I hope this helps you decide what trend you are wearing to every party you go to! Life is too short to have boring hair!


My life is actually crazy RN! 😳

If you don’t know me personally I have two small children. My son Reed is 5 weeks shy of turning 4, and my daughter Violet just turned one in October. This in itself is constant chaos! My husband is a music teacher in a school 3 counties away from the one we live in. Fall means marching season. Marching season means Monday night percussion rehearsal, Tuesday and Thursday night full band rehearsals, Friday night football games, and Saturday competitions. It is also soccer season for my little man. He has practice on Tuesdays and games on Saturdays. He also to preschool a few hours a day Monday-Thursday. Plus I work, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now if you’ve checked out any of my other posts. I work Thursday through Saturday. This is actual insanity! 

Now marching season and soccer season have just ended. So that eliminates some of the crazy. That being said indoor drum line has picked up exactly where marching band left off. So not as much relief as it initially looks like. 

Now because I don’t know what to do with myself I decided to move salons the week of thanksgiving. I really hate myself I guess! This is also the same exact week that my husband has a choir field trip and I have very little help with the kids! 😳 Again I think I hate myself! 

I honestly don’t know how I have enough sense left in my head to write these posts, plan social media content, and execute them half as well as I do. Hopefully as my children get older I will have less Mom brain mush! Maybe y’all should pray for me! 🤣  That being said December is looking to have some pretty good posts if I can get them all done! 


Things I Will Trade Haircuts for….

Believe it or not there are people out in the world who just want something for free. You would not believe some of the stories I have heard or read or experienced. I have a friend who gave up Tinder because the guys she was meeting ended up wanting free haircuts after a date or two. Bro, the haircut would have been cheaper and faster than the date(s). I’ve seen and experienced a scam where someone gets a color service, loves it, leaves, then later there is an issue with payments. ONLY AFTER the payment issue, the client is suddenly unhappy with the results and wishes to get a full refund. If you can’t afford a service you can’t receive a service. Hair is a luxury business. 

Then there’s always this jerk, “I would love to book you for my ‘event’! It will be great for your portfolio! I can’t pay you for your time or services but I will promote you on my social media platform and my ‘trillion’ followers will flock to you and more than make up for this one unpaid ‘event’ “ Hunty! No! Kim Kardashian pays her beauty team and so should you! 

This being said, payment doesn’t ALWAYS mean money. I am a huge fan of the barter system. If someone is desperate for a cut or needs help looking presentable for a job interview, I am usually pretty open to bartering. 

Here is a list of things I am willing to trade a haircut for:

A one year membership to Sam’s Club=two haircuts

Clothing item(s) of equal value. (Adult or children)



Half a tank of gas 

2 hours of babysitting 

A manicure


Equal value of groceries 

Gift card to Sephora/Ulta

Half my water bill

4 days on my electric bill

A car wash 

A subscription to Netflix in exchange for monthly cuts. 

Two venti Starbucks drinks

An oil change

Target gift card


My son’s weekly school tuition

A case of diapers

Two large pizzas

Taco Bell 

A gift certificate to the nail place

I say all this jokingly. But I hope is brings to light why your stylist charges for haircuts! These items are things most people have no problem spending money on. They don’t question the price. They walk into ‘said place of business’ and if they want something they pay the price that is stated, no questions asked. You don’t go to a local boutique and haggle the price. Well, I guess you could try but it wouldn’t accomplish anything. So why do this to your stylist? In my experience I’ve never heard of haggling working at a salon any more than it would at any other place of business. 

On the flip side, Mamas! Take care of yourself! You don’t know how many Mamas I know, who are out there lookin’ a hot mess because they’re not giving themselves enough self care. They sure will spend money on the items/services listed above and on their children, but when it comes to routine maintenance to keep their hair healthy and beautiful and enhancing their already beautiful faces, they just can’t find the time or the money. When your hair looks good you feel better! Even if you’re a messy bun and yoga pants Mom (girl, I know I am) you have got to have good hair to make that Pinterest bun we all want! So Mama, please trade one of the above mentioned items and keep yourself beautiful!